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August 2016 Issue Highlights

Δευτέρα, 08.01.2016, 03:00am (GMT+3)

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Malignant mesothelioma incidence by nation-wide cancer registry: a population-based study (07.26.2016)
Does the Low-level occupational exposure to volatile organic compounds alter the seasonal variation of selected markers of oxidative stress? A case–control study in nail technicians (07.21.2016)
A case-case study on sinonasal cancer prevention: effect from dust reduction in woodworking and risk of mastic/solvents in shoemaking (07.21.2016)
Standard values of the upper body posture and postural control: a study protocol (07.16.2016)
Quantification of cell-free DNA for evaluating genotoxic damage from occupational exposure to car paints (07.15.2016)
Neuropsychiatric Events and H pylori Therapy Containing Clarithromycin (06.01.2016)
Obesity Management and Prevention (06.01.2016)
Empirical Studies About Religious Service Attendance and Health (06.01.2016)
Disparities in Health Care in Puerto Rico vs the United States (06.01.2016)
Containing What Lies Under the Waterline (06.01.2016)